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The Grampians in Flower

ISBN 978-0-6480682-2-8

The spectacular beauty of the Grampians, a series of mountain ranges in western Victoria, attracts visitors from all over the world. To protect the area “for all people, for all time”, the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA) led a campaign to have the area made a national park, and The Grampians National Park was declared in July, 1984.

The Grampians in Flower was originally published by the Victorian National Parks Association in 1994. It was the fourth book in the popular “in Flower” series which the VNPA published in conjunction with the noted naturalist and photographer Ian McCann. This revised edition is published by David M. Welch

Friends of Grampians Gariwerd are delighted that David is able to bring Ian McCann’s The Grampians in Flower to a new audience. Ian’s intention with his book was that it be of interest to advanced naturalists and yet be accessible to beginners to encourage them to develop a greater interest in the natural world.