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Bush Walkabout: A Story of Two Aboriginal Children

By Reggie Sultan

ISBN 978-0-6480682-7-3

(Hard cover)

2021 Edition (This revised edition has a colourised hard cover, and slight alteration in the positioning of some of the original text and illustrations. It is of high quality with some new text and illustrations.)

(This is a new ISBN. There were no ISBNs when the book was first released.)

Release date 5th Jan 2022 (imprint says 2021, but Covid caused shipping delays.)

Bush Walkabout is the story of two Aboriginal children living on Milingimbi Island off the coast of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia in the 1950s. During the course of two days, they collect and eat various bush foods, play with their friends, catch a goanna, obtain water from a tree, and construct an overnight shelter. Originally published in 1957 as Piccaninny Walkabout, this 1957-58 Children’s Book of the Year award recipient was just waiting to be re-entered into the lives of children today. The original text and photographs were too enigmatic to fall out of the public eye forever. Children will again be fascinated by this touching but informative story with this high-quality reprint.