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The Rainbow Serpent

By David M. Welch
Illustrated by Reggie Sultan

ISBN 9780648068235
Release date 5th Jan 2022
(Though book has imprint for 2021.)

The Rainbow Serpent features in the stories and religions of a number of Australian Aboriginal groups. This book is based on some of those myths and legends, and encapsulates the essence of the Rainbow Serpent. In the story, the central deserts are dry, then a rain cloud appears and a rainbow develops. The rainbow transforms into a giant snake, and as it travels across the land, it forms rivers, valleys and waterholes. It then settles in a shelter as a giant painting. When it weathers and fades, the rains stop and the land dries. The people realise they have to sing and dance for the serpent, and the rains return. Reggie Sultan is an Aboriginal artist from Central Australia, whose unique illustrations bring vibrant life and meaning to this interpretation of the Rainbow Serpent.

The Rainbow Serpent. By David M. Welch. Illustrated by Reggie Sultan.

Book Cover: The Rainbow Serpent