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Aboriginal Rock Art of Kakadu National Park

By David M. Welch

Photo of Obiri Rock (Ubirr)
Obiri Rock (Ubirr).

Northern Territory of Australia
Photography and Text by David Welch.

This book is dedicated to those first Australians who created these paintings.

Special thanks are due to Big Bill Neiji and Nipper Gabirrigi, traditional owners of Kakadµ, who gave their kind approval for the photos in this book to be published, and were generous in offering their assistance with the interpretation of the paintings.

Thanks also to George Chaloupka, Ann Welch, Michael Welch, Wayne Zerbe, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service for information about the main gallery at Nourlangie Rock.

Published by the Big Country Picture Company, Darwin.
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Front Cover; The Main Gallery, Obiri Rock.

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